i hate one uppers 


Here’s a serious advice. Even the nicest people have their limits. Don’t try to reach that point because the nicest people are also the scariest assholes when they’ve had enough.

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love is when you and your husband can have long conversations about the last air bender because you were both equally obsessed with it as kids 

Anonymous asked:
Any plans for Easter? Can you please do an outfit post of selena if you are doing something. I'm sure it will be super cute. She is such a little fashionista!

im not sure what we are doing! well, I woke up early to go do a sunrise SUP (stand up paddle) sesh. 

but i will post her ootd! because i have an adorable dress for her for easter :) 

Anonymous asked:
Lame I don't have a Facebook :/ what kind of videos do you post?

I’m thinking about posting them on here, I’m going to make a post and see if people would like me to because I’m not sure how many of my followers on here are even on my Facebook 

lately they’ve been GoPro videos, of my daughter or me and my husband 


a couple new vids up on my Facebook from today and this week! 

btw if your trying to add me on Facebook please add a side note or message telling me who you are or where you follow me (like tumblr or you used to watch my vids). people who don’t usually will not be added seeing as i have no idea who they are

Anonymous asked:
Do you ever see sharks? And are you afraid of them?

saw one today, just a leopard shark, they are harmless (unless you harass  them i suppose).

havent seen any “scary” ones tho. growing up in florida i did, I’ve been out on a sand bar and had a 6 foot hammerhead right by me. I’ve caught one

but no they don’t scare me as much as they probably should. my dad always says if theres a shark, while everyones running out of the water ill be the idiot running in to swim with it lol (unlikely but if I’m out there near a docile one I’m not going to freak out). id love to do one of those cage dives where they are all around you 

Anonymous asked:
do you ever go inside!? lol

rarely lol 

haha yeah, at the end of the day

Anonymous asked:
any wildlife out there today? :)

saw two huge rays go under my board, didn’t get them on video tho they went by too fast! they were big too! about arms width across. thats about it other than the bright orange fish that are around the grassy reef areas that i was at 

i normally don’t share da lovey feels but this just struck me as too cute not to

yesterday joey said, referring to even though we were hugging but he still wanted to be closer, “i just want to hug you so tight that you’ll teleport into me!” 

i didn’t know whether to laugh because it was hilariously put, or cry because it was so sweet

Anonymous asked:
i love tom too! :D